Urologists’ Best Use of SEO and Advertising

SEO, or search engine optimization, isn't technically advertising. But like advertising, it can be one of the best ways for a Urologist to increase the awareness, size or profitablility of their practice. As long as you connect all your SEO to whatever advertising efforts your practice is doing to make sure both are working together as hard and efficiently as possible. If these aren't linked, a lot of what is set up just goes to waste.

It's all about keywords, right? Well, yes and no.

Finding and choosing the most effective keywords have a lot to do with how you show up when people search for you or your services online. Many urology based keywords can be expensive to bid for and consistantly win. However, you don't have to always buy all of the most expensive urology keywords to still get outstanding results (and we have the case studies for clients on budgets of every level) to prove it.

There are so many other factors that can make a difference, such as how and where you use those keywords or even other online marketing tools that don't use keywords. And just when you think you have it solved, Google and Bing will go and change how they rate and promote everyone. Let us show you some of those tools that don't need to be updated every day, week or even month. We can help you get the most out of whatever SEO campaign you're doing right now.

What's a good SEO budget for Urologists?

Unfortunately, determining a good SEO budget for urologists is not a plug in the numbers and get an answer type of formula. There’s not an across the board type answer or rule either. If you hear that from someone, you should really call us. We’ll show you why that would probably make no sense for you. Here's the short version - finding the right budget for your practice to come up on page one really comes down to three factors:

    1. Presenting your content to the right audience in the right manner for you.
    2. Providing Quality. Google and Bing and others look for quality and reward it.
    3. Capitalizing on where you can win. Especially against strong competition.

We know how you can beat the biggest guys around and come up on the first page of results if you're smart about it.

fseo advertising budgets for urologists

Questions that go into determining the right SEO budget for Urologists.

  • How many other urologists are there to compete against?
  • How is your website structured and set up - both the back end and front end?
  • Have you taken advantage of all the ways you can build great SEO for free?

Just remember...

Other forms of advertising and marketing may be effective as well. These can include social media including Facebook and Twitter, specific SEO tied into online banner advertising and your website, practice and urologist listings and directories, radio and even television commercials just to list a few. There’s a right mix for every urologist or urology practice and everyone’s mix will be different based on their needs, budgets and goals.

Want to get started?

If you would like to learn more about how to create the most effective SEO for yourself or your practice, click the contact form button below. We’d be happy to discuss it with you for free. Some of the Urology groups we’ve worked with started with a simple SWOT analysis to find out where their best first steps (and affordable budgets) would be. Other urologists we've worked with had campaigns that merely needed stronger, more effective creative executions. Some just called us up and we did some talking over the phone. Whatever way works best for you, we are happy to provide whatever help we can.

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