Urologists’ Best Use of Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising can be one of the best ways for a Urologist to increase the awareness, size or profitablility of their practice. If it's done correctly. There's many different ways to go about leveraging what's good and bad about Facebook, most of which is determined by how you handle the content you post. We believe the most important step is determining what the right emotional connection is with your followers.

People think with their right brain, but they most often act with their left. Posting a fact without an emotional tug will leave a social media user with bit of new knowledge but no reason to do anything with it. That’s not what you want. Or, at least, that’s not what we want for our clients.

What's a good Facebook budget for Urologists?

One of the best things about social media, and specifically Facebook, is that it can be free. With that said, Facebook does allow you to do ads but they fall under some restrictions - especially with anything to do with healthcare. Regardless of your budget, we've found the secret of getting an incredibly effective ROI often comes down to three factors:

    1. Connecting with the right audience in the right manner.
    2. Knowing exactly what you want to get out of each and every post.
    3. Presenting your messages in the most creative ways possible.

Remember, getting zero results on $0 is not a good return.

facebook advertising budgets for urologists

There are also many factors that go into determining the right Facebook budget for Urologists.

  • How many other urologists on Facebook are there to compete against?
  • What has the Urologist established with Facebook already? (good or bad)
  • Does the Urologist even have a Facebook account?

Finally, you will also want to take into account of all the other media you are, or may want to utilize. These can include other online ads and listings, website SEO, radio, even television (although spoiler alert, we almost always advise against television).

Unfortunately, determining a good Facebook budget for urologists is not a plug in the numbers and get an answer type of formula. There’s not an across the board type answer or rule either. If you hear that from someone, you should really call us. We’ll show you why that would probably make no sense for you.

Clients often ask us 'How many posts should you do and how often?'.

As you would guess, that's also determined by a lot of factors. Is posting five in a week too many? It could be if none of them are connecting. Certainly if you are doing that same amount 52 weeks out of the year. Unless, of course, they are all connecting with people and getting clicks and likes and causing phone calls to your practice for appointments. You have to create a plan that is right for you, the types of services you provide and the quality of posts you can create to cause action. We can help you with that.

Just remember...

Other forms of advertising and marketing may be effective as well. These can include social media including Facebook and Twitter, SEO tied into online banner advertising and your website, practice and urologist listings and directories, radio and even television commercials just to list a few. There’s a right mix for every urologist or urology practice and everyone’s mix will be different based on their needs, budgets and goals.

three golden rules of social media

Check out our three golden rules for social media.

Want to get started?

If you would like to learn more about how to create the most effective Facebook posts, or any other type of marketing or advertising, click the contact form button below. We’d be happy to discuss it with you for free. Some of the Urology groups we’ve worked with started with a simple SWOT analysis to find out where their best first steps (and affordable budgets) would be. Other urologists we've worked with had campaigns that merely needed stronger, more effective creative executions. Either way, we are happy to provide whatever help we can, in whatever budget fits for you.

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