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for UBIS University

How do you attract bright, young business student moths to the flame of international business learning:  UBIS University in Geneva, Switzerland?  You draw them to a highly interactive and dynamic website that features UBIS University’s global business mentum: the high-level business teachings done in one of the worldwide epicenters of business: Geneva.  Users formed a much clearer picture of UBIS University life than just lists of textbooks and syllabus topics.

The website was launched with on-going chat rooms, interactive maps, a live business newswire and dynamic interfaces.  The site has been a hit with potential students, the university, its faculty, its student and the global business community.  And, as an added challenge, we had to make the site equally compelling in French, Italian, Spanish and host of other languages as well.

To gain mentum as a global business teaching institution, UBIS University set its site on the right solution.

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