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for Perfect Plan Events & Travel

Perfect Plan Events and Travel came to Mentum with two urgent desires:  create a brand identity and a web-site for them in which people who love and need to travel could revel in and plan for truly one of a kind travel experiences.
This was to be a site for those who wanted the expertise and personal attention to detail that group tours and junkets couldn’t deliver.  They needed a personalized perfect plan.

Mentum created personal pictorial testimonials and videos that visitors to Perfect Plan’s site could experience to see one-of-a-kind honeymoons or an amazing destination wedding or even seamless team travel across the U.S. for soccer tournaments.

And when it came to planning a trip, Mentum created Perfect Plan’s unique travel questionnaire, with questions about what travelers really dreamt about and wished for when they traveled.  And from those answers, Perfect Plan could create, well, your perfect plan.

For those who visit the site and use Perfect Plan Events and Travel, there’s little question that their journey will be unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

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