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Public Relations

Starting from no organized Public Relations activity, Meridian hit impressive results for a mostly local healthcare provider. Over 30,000 hits and a 2/3 page feature announcing the addition of a renowned Spinal Surgeon, a cumulative reach of over 1.6MM Chicagoland listeners on WBBM AM’s coverage of Meridian's ’Snow Stork’ story and numerous Top Doc awards were just some of the highlights.


for Meridian Medical Associates

After a series of name changes, the sixty year old healthcare provider Meridian Medical Associates needed to rebrand itself in a highly competative market of Doctor’s Groups and Hospitals. The solution was to create a brand identity capable of showcasing Meridian Medical Associates’ vast abilities and unending compassion and then putting that brand to use in ways that helped it compete for patients.

Mentum created an entirely new web site where patients and professionals could learn about Meridian’s staff, their specialties and services, their locations and, importantly, make appointments.  After just two years, the site boasts over a quarter million users. 

Mentum also helped elevate the perception of the brand with new brand guidelines that carried through to all their marketing materials and beyond. Signage, internal communications, patient materials and even forms were retooled for the better. Mentum created a series of short videos set up on monitors in every waiting room for patients to learn more about Meridian's doctors and array of services.

Mentum created an ongoing radio campaign produced with Star 96.7 to reach out to the Chicagoland market. Relevant bi-monthly topics were personalized by the popular DJ Maura Myles and helped connect with new and existing patients. A live broadcast at Meridian also introduced many of the doctors and specialists to the community.

Mentum also creatively helped build better communication internally between doctors and staff that were now new to the company or annexed at nine different locations where physical interaction between offices would become rare.

Other initiatives like Meridian’s online content, its Facebook and social media presence, Doctor's online reputation management and even Meridian's corporate and internal meetings, helped Meridian hold their own in one of the most aggressive categories in Chicagoland.

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