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Throw Boring Overboard


for Long John Silver's

Long John Silver's seafood restaurant sales were sinking for years and Yum! Brands needed to do something bold to turn that trend around.

The momentum needed for LJS was to convince people to throw boring overboard - seafood was a dramatically more rewarding alternative than slogging in their normal hamberger rut. And the manner in which that message was to be presented had to be, well, overboard to stand out against the competitor's media buys that were 10 times larger.

Television and radio commercials embraced a brash, bold attitude and cut through the clutter of quick serve restaurant advertising. New products were launched on a strong new platform. Even existing products were given a much needed shot in the arm. Yes, the awards came. But more importantly, so did record sales.

Qualitative and quantitative testing of this campaign showed the highest level of positive results possible, some numbers setting new research and industry standards. The right mentum here created record breaking profit for Yum! brands and the Long John Silver's franchise owners.

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