Find Your Mentum


for KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken

With places like McDonald’s, Subway and others seemingly on every corner, KFC knew that everything they did needed to help create a desire on the consumer’s part to make KFC a destination.

So be it through new lunch products, new menu items or new positioning ideas, KFC got not only destinationmentum, but buzzmentum as well.

The KFC “Double Down Sandwich,” made with two chicken breasts, two pieces of bacon, two sauces and two pieces of cheese, all without a bun, sold 10,000,000 units.  And even Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones mentioned it on tv.  As planned, it was seen as the chicken sandwich to end all chicken sandwiches.

KFC’s “$10 Challenge” was a positioning idea that grew from truth:  A Mom couldn’t make this 7 piece, large side with four biscuit meal for $9.99.  KFC hit its goals and contributed another success to their most important day-part: dinner.

Kentucky Grilled Chicken’s launch was, at the time, the most successful in the company’s history.  The story was simple:  consumers were asked to unthink everything they thought about KFC and try “the Unfried Side of KFC.”

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