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for AquaTerra Seafood Bar

Ask any restaurateur.  If you can’t do a healthy weekday business, you better do a mind-blowing weekend business or, sadly, you’re out of business.
California’s AquaTerra Seafood Bar needed weekdaymentum, especially given its somewhat out of the way location.  The solution was to offer exceptional seafood in an atmosphere that promised a laid back, un-stuffy weekday dinner service.

Centering the campaign around AquaTerra’s massive seafood and oyster bar, a print campaign created a relaxed, fun tone and attitude that people could look forward to experiencing the moment they arrived. 

An extremely geographically targeted print and online saturating media buy in local and nearby areas provided constant reminders of a better tasting, more relaxed way to spend a weekday evening.

Suddenly, Mondays through Thursdays weren’t as barren as the California desert and AquaTerra became the weekday spot to go to.

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