Find Your Mentum

What is mentum?

Mentum is a full service marketing agency based on a philosophy that every company or brand needs some sort of specific momentum to get sales started, move things along or to keep business flowing.

That's pretty hard to argue.

However, we believe that by finding the variations that are unique to your brand and/or your customer, we can cause a more efficient and effective momentum for you.

How do we do it, you might ask?

Not by any template or software off the shelf. We get right down into it ourselves and work a little harder than most. What comes out of that personal, customized learning is the exact type of mentum that you or your brand needs - nothing general that would work for the category or even your competition.

What does mentum look like?

For many of our clients, it may simply be a plan at first - with a name that clearly defines what the short and long term goals are. We even give your specific mentum it's own name, like...

You can see actual examples of some of these here.

What do you do with all this mentum?

By identifying the unique or specific differences in your brand and your customer, we deliver pinpoint marketing to create the most targeted, effective change possible.  It’s that pinpointing that makes the difference between no-mentum, so-so-mentum and great-mentum.

Since we are a full service advertising & marketing agency, we offer a breadth of services including:

print and web advertising
social media
digital media
logo development
collateral materials
event ideation
No worries - we match what is right for you, your goals and your budget.

How do you know your mentum works?

We are metric geeks. We ask you what metrics correlate most to your success, and then we sign up to deliver them, and more if it’s needed.  When you evaluate our work on your behalf, you have clarity on what types of mentum the work should achieve.  What you’ll like is having fewer conversations about whether a color is the right shade and more about which idea delivers the right mentum the most.

Got any proof?

Yes.  Over two decades worth.  What really hits us though is what mentum has really meant to our clients:  Creatable, repeatable, sustainable, objectively measured success.  And it’s all delivered in creative, impactful and memorable, or “mentumable” ways.  Success is our proof.  But if you want to look at a shelf full of national and international awards, most for marketing and/or advertising effectiveness, c’mon over.  As we like to say, our mentum is your mentum.